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  1. JC. Wow!!! Been a long time! Glad to see you again… even if only “virtually”. Are you still in Hoboken?

    Man… I miss seeing you and Nori in NYC. I always had a great time visiting NYC with you guys as hosts. Last I saw you my two girls were still small girls. Rosie is now in college! And Lily a senior in high school.

    Cheers and best of,


  2. hey mike,
    no, i’ve moved back to the city, into my old apartment on 9th st. good to hear from you. did you see the 211 pp amps? they have your trannies on there. there’s a review of them at 6 moons.

  3. Hey JC,

    I live down in Chapel Hill and I am good friends with Amy and Josh, in fact we just had dinner. Josh told me all about your work with tube audio and effects stuff. I play guitar as a hobby and I think your work is very cool. I got caught up in the vintage amp craze but having limited resources I couldn’t afford one. So instead I found an old Motorola chassis out of 1955 hifi system and had it converted into a guitar amp. It sounds awesome!! It is pretty much a Fender Deluxe circuit and the best part is that the chassis had the original tubes in it when I bought it for 25$. I thought you might appreciate that story and keep up the great work for all us tube heads out there.

    Take care,

  4. Dear, JC!

    You dramatically influenced my view to the circuit design and construction. From your articles in “Glass Audio” & “Sound Practices” I realized a lot of things that one can not find in radio and electronics books. This is a true experience that you kindly share with others. It is a great feeling to know that design is going right. Thank you so much!

    Warm Regards, Konstantin

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