the incredible jive of sanctimony

it’s always delightful and deeply satisfying when loud and intensely righteous anti-gay pundits, priests and politicians are found in public toilets, bus station phone booths, or even the back seat of a cab, getting or giving a 20$ blowjob. maybe it’s 200$. doesn’t matter… it’s heavenly! it makes for excellent headlines, is fabulously entertaining, and […]

sound between strangers (and other angels)

in a remarkable scene near the end of of the film, “blue velvet”, dennis hopper’s character (frank booth) describes the leaden “love letter” he intends to send jeffrey (kyle maclachlan) as “straight from my heart to you…”. the angel of death’s high velocity love. i love this film, a classic. it tells a particularly american […]

another course in analog sound design for working artists

yes, it is here again. will be taught in english, and aimed at artists who wish to learn more about using and constructing elctro/mechanical sound generation equipment. this course is heavy on PRACTICE and problem solving. the relevant info is below. this was organized by: Konstitutet Analog ljuddesign för konstnärliga yrkesutövare Tre dagars utbildning […]

summer break

so, it may take a little time to get back to writing… i have a trapeze rig up at the malmöfestivalen in sweden. a little vacation in baskemölle, and a lot of flying in malmö. but more is coming! mic preamps, speakers and current amplification… and distortion effects. stay tuned. have a good end of […]

appropriated at birth

this post will have so many images associated with it, i guess it’s better to get the lip out of the way first? audio diyers, for the entire history of the “discipline”, have modified existing equipment in order to save money, time, or metal and woodwork. and perhaps most importantly, face. but with the emergence […]

whack job

this is another quick post… just to get this into the creative commons. not that it is even worthy of a patent! but these days, there are slimebags who will do the darndest things. maybe this has been done before, but i haven’t seen it. please try it out as it works and sounds great. […]


okay, just a quick update. been some discussion lately about both current feedback and current amplification in the circles i run in… here is an approach that works. i know because i have built several now and am listening to one as we speak. the one above is simplified from what i prefer, so as […]

contrarian punk ass design manifesto

i am a subversive contrary bastard. and i make things with this in mind. it would be a lie against nature to deny it. (rant alert: sometimes i just have to get it out… it won’t be pretty, but you don’t have to read it, either) in addition, the “adult” world is generally a great […]