the vapors

  i love to eat. it can be the greatest pleasure and privilege. right up there with fooling around and deep tissue massage. yes, it can really suck, too… the ruins of the day! but i will, in any case, try almost anything twice, and have. most well made or intently considered food is interesting. […]

violet and spark

  i intended to get right into the hybrid circuits from before christmas, as promised, but was reminded of something that might matter… more sooner than later. hopefully this will take care of that and then back to the folded cascodes. everything is electric. absolutely everything. and the entire scale of conductivity, to not, still […]

salad days update

here is a quick addendum to the IKEA salad bowl manger project… it is working splendidly at the moment. i have played quite a bit with phase plug ideas… and with damping of the diaphram. at some point soon i will go into the history of what you see here, but for now i will […]

the incredible jive of sanctimony

it’s always delightful and deeply satisfying when loud and intensely righteous anti-gay pundits, priests and politicians are found in public toilets, bus station phone booths, or even the back seat of a cab, getting or giving a 20$ blowjob. maybe it’s 200$. doesn’t matter… it’s heavenly! it makes for excellent headlines, is fabulously entertaining, and […]

sound between strangers (and other angels)

in a remarkable scene near the end of of the film, “blue velvet”, dennis hopper’s character (frank booth) describes the leaden “love letter” he intends to send jeffrey (kyle maclachlan) as “straight from my heart to you…”. the angel of death’s high velocity love. i love this film, a classic. it tells a particularly american […]

another course in analog sound design for working artists

yes, it is here again. will be taught in english, and aimed at artists who wish to learn more about using and constructing elctro/mechanical sound generation equipment. this course is heavy on PRACTICE and problem solving. the relevant info is below. this was organized by: Konstitutet Analog ljuddesign för konstnärliga yrkesutövare Tre dagars utbildning […]

summer break

so, it may take a little time to get back to writing… i have a trapeze rig up at the malmöfestivalen in sweden. a little vacation in baskemölle, and a lot of flying in malmö. but more is coming! mic preamps, speakers and current amplification… and distortion effects. stay tuned. have a good end of […]